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Need ideals for breakfast. Trying to lose weight and eat healthy. Tried oatmeal, but hungry two hours later. Help please!!

11 Answers
Gravel Switch, KY
Try eggs; they can be fixed in a variety of ways and are a good source of protein, which helps with feeling fuller.

Johnston, IA
Not a big fan of eggs. Really have to be in the mood for them. Need something quick and easy because of having kids

Watton, GBR
Egg pancake with bacon grilled of cause n beans

Watton, GBR
Chicken wraps

Watton, GBR
Pasta tuna and sweet corn n mayo

Fontana, CA
Protein shakes are awesome!! They keep me full for awhile :)

Ireland, IRL
Hey**** I hear ya, banana pancakes,their yummy and quick,they have eggs in them but the banana kills the taste of the egg,usually mash two ripe banana's&whisk 2gether with two eggs& put on pan,can

Ireland, IRL
Be cooked in bulk and kept in fridge them reheated&serve with berries&kiwi! Fat free yoghurt,berries&mixed nuts are yum too! Hope this helps! Good luck with the weight loss!

Philadelphia, PA
Greek yogurt & granola. Dannon has great low carb low calorie flavors too

Mt Pleasant, SC
Carb master has a great yogurt 4 carbs, 60 calories