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Any T1's ever have hives? After 7 months of scratching, 7 months of adding claritin to my diet and after seeing 10 different drs: allergist, immunologist, blah blah's been decided that I have autoimmune body is just falsly attacking my antihistamines. I guess it makes sense because T1 is also autoimmune? Wondering if anyone out there has more than one autoimmune OR has a remedy for hives! Willing to try anything at this point!

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Oxnard, CA
My daughter was diagnosed last march and for the first few months she would randomly get hives. It just spontaneously resolved after a few months.

Cicero, IL
Thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed it spontaneously disappears one of these days ; )

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2006.
Gary, IN
after many month of thinking i had hives i went to a dermologist i found out i had a severe case of eczema skin. iwas so glad to have a diagnosis. ihad no idea it can get that bad. it came from me being a diabetic.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2013.
Baker City, OR
Many folks get more than one autoimmune disorder. T1s usually get checked regularly for Thyroid. My second autoimmune was Celiacs...although I may have had it first. It was undiagnosed for so long.

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2012.
Marietta, GA
Definitely get checked for hashimotos antibodies. Hives can occur with thyroid disease. My child has both Hashi's and T1D