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Hey all, I have had T1D for just over two years. I had it under great control for awhile and is now slowly slipping the other way. Any suggestions on how to get it back on the up and up? I have a pump and CGM just my numbers go high and low now unlike when I was first diagnosed.

5 Answers
Lawrence, IN
Talk to your doctor asap

Kutztown, PA
You may be coming out of the honeymoon phase. Your basals and correction and insulin to carb ratios may need to be readjusted. I would work with your doctor to reassess those through fasting and trial and error. Good luck!

Tel Aviv, ISR
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Bognor Regis, GBR
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Fayetteville, AR
Idk how old you are, but puberty is hell on bloodsugars. The hormones mess everything up