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Hey y'all. I was just wondering if anyone else's blood sugar drops if they sleep too late.

8 Answers
Living with type 2 diabetes since 2011.
Jacksonville, FL
My do to30 one time I was sweating And I wake up

Siler City, NC
Sometimes I don't wake up. Luckily my boyfriend will test me and wake me up

Tallahassee, FL
That will happen because if you sleep till lets say noon, you miss having breakfast

Tacoma, WA
Are u on a pump. It happens to me sometimes because my basal rate is set to go up about an hour before I normally wake up. For years I've kept snacks on my nightstand.

Yuba City, CA
My son has had 2 seizures needing glucagon due to low blood sugar. Both due to him sleeping in (because of school vacation) and me forgetting to change his pump settings. If you are on a pump you can usually set a temp basal and sleep a little longer.

Epsom, GBR
I'm on a pump and if I sleep my sugars go up :(

Broomfield, CO
Doesn't sound like a sleeping in issue. It sounds like you need to adjust your morning basal rate. My daughter's Endo told us that you should be able to go 24 hours without eating if your basal is set appropriately ( although it us EVER changing). Decrease your early morning basal rates and you should be able to sleep in.

Saint Clair Shores, MI
I have historically gone low about #### in the morning. My bodies timing and bio cycle. I was advised the drop starts approx 4 hours earlier. So, my basal reduces 4 hours before expected drop & then about #### rises again. And, I havn't slept in for years :( Missing a meal will always impact sugar cycles so if can be avoided probably best