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@HelpAroundMe Help please!! Does anyone's BG go really high after spinning? (Exercise bike!) Not sure what's happening! #confused #high

Silecroft, Cumbria
10 Answers
I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2010.
Petersburg, VA
sometimes adrenaline can cause bg to go high

Plainfield, IL
If you have ketones, exercise can make your BG go up instead of down

Middletown, PA
My endo told me that when I exercise my body can release sugar from my (kidneys? I think). Our bodies have a reserve of sugar to protect itself. You should have a lean protein to help level out your sugar before doing anything strenuous.

Sometimes your levels will go up after exercise, but will level out in time. Don't overcompensate with insulin or you will go low and have to eat lots of sugars.

Fresno, CA
I had an endo tell me that your blood sugars will go up with exercise if your blood sugars are already elevated before workout. 250+

Mt Laurel, NJ
Yea****they told me 240. That didn't make sense so I had to test that theory and it's true. Strange but true.

Kutztown, PA
I did an experiment on myself in third grade and it's true. If you start exercising high, you usually get higher.

Little Mountain, AUS
When you exercise your muscles need more glucose to supply energy. In response, your liver increases the amount of glucose it releases into your bloodstream. Remember, however, that the glucose needs insulin in order to be used by your muscles. So if you do not have enough insulin available, your blood glucose levels can actually increase right after exercise. Basically, stimulated by the demand from your exercising muscles, your body is pouring glucose into your bloodstream. If you do not have enough insulin available to "unlock the door" to your muscles, the glucose cannot get into your muscles to provide needed energy. The end result is that glucose backs-up in your bloodstream, causing higher blood glucose readings. Darn diabetes

Little Mountain, AUS
Glucogyn is the word im thinking of (spelling) it is what the liver pushes out

Bethesda, MD
Adrenaline and other hormones that r released during exersize can spike BG