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Hi all, I'm in need of HELP! I'm in Yuma Arizona on vacation from Utah. I forgot my reservoirs for my insulin. Is anyone on here from Yuma that would lend or sell me a reservoir or needle? I drive to San Diego around noon-2pm today. Or does anyone have tips on how to get an item when your without and needing it?

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City of Industry, CA
Hi**** if you give Medtronic a call they have 24 hour help and explain to them your situation they should be able to give you the number of one of their reps that work in the field that should have some extra supplies that you need. I was running real low on Quick-sets one time and they gave me the number to one of the local reps in my area and he was able to help me out. Good luck

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2011.
Santa Clara, UT
Thank you!