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please i need your help. I wear a Medtronic mini med pump and my infusion set slipped out of my skin (not sure how to explain this in a second language) but the thing is that I will be out from home til evening and have no insulin . anyone around San Fran nob hill, downtown, marina, have a set?tks

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Bolton, CT
I am not in the San Francisco area but I hope you're okay! You should ask your doctors if they might be able to prescribe you a quick pen for accidents like this.

thank you for the tip**** That's a very good point! I will check on my endo about that. I am got my set at home :)

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Tel Aviv, ISR
Glad it worked out****

Bolton, CT
Good to hear**** Best wishes to you. 😄

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McDonough, GA
One time happen to me and I always have in my purse pen or syringes and the insulin , if I'm far away from home