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Is anyone able to help me understand why my bg is always above 10 in the morning I do 5 injections a day and it's below 8 when I go to sleep then high in morning I've put my night insulin up no change

5 Answers
Belleville, CAN
i would talk to your nurse about it but i find minespike at around 4-5 due to the hormone our body releases and it makes my bg sky rocket

Farnborough, GBR
Ok thanks

Vanderbijlpark, ZAF
My son is fourteen the doc decided due to the same symptoms to change his insulin from humelin to lantis. Will post the out come he started this evening

Shalford, GBR
I understand it's too do with inactivity during the night

London, GBR
could be stress or an infection.. or something like that thats what i was told by my diabetic specialist that the 2 above cause high sugars.