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Hello. I'm 31 and have been T1 for 13 years. My BSL's have never been managed. I am wanting to get a pump as I am hoping it may help me remember to test my sugars. Any advice for getting one? I'm in Brisbane, Australia

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Sale, AUS
My first advice is if you don't already have private health insurance get it. You won't be able to afford a pump without it, and you need to have had cover for 12 months before they will cover a pump.

Columbia, SC
I have had the pump for a very long time and love it! But you do have to check BS at least 4**** And of course you have to have health ins.

New Port Richey, FL
One touch ping

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
Thanks guys! I've had private health (top cover) since Jan last year. Just waiting for my Endo appoint at the end of May. Do they want a specific a1c?

Mt Laurel, NJ
In the US they want your A1c (everyone I've spoken to anyway) when I was dx in #### they wanted it at 7 so I'm happy as long as I'm around that

Racine, WI
Absolutely recommend the pump! Been pumping for 11 years, and now even better now on the sensor too! :)

Logan Central, AUS
I was the same as you, busy at work and forgetting to have insulin, been on a pump now for 4 years, best thing I have done, my endo Dr Moore at the Wesley hospital in Brisbane has most of his patients on pumps if your endo does not want to put you on one, some are a bit old fashioned.

CA, United States
Been diabetic for 24 years. Pumping for 11. I love the pump but I really think u need to track your sugars as much as possible. When you log your BG and carbs and track your insulin doses it's a lot easier for a doctor to get you pumping :)

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
:) Thanks everyone! I've been a good girl and testing and having my insulin as I should (think I need to bump my Lantus up though) My current glucometer is a Insulinx so calculates my insulin based on carbs and corrective doses. It's a great machine! My new Endo is at Greenslopes, she is a younger woman (my doc referred me because of her age and longevity of care). I see her in a month

Honolulu, HI
I just got on a pump a week ago and I love it but u need to log ur sugars into pump so it knows how much insulin to give u with the carbs