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Hello. I'm looking to buy my son and niece sensors dexcom, pods omnipod, animas inset 6/23. buy even with expired shelf life. small children 9 and 5 years old. paypal payment, shipping usa Delaware. I shall be grateful for your help.

4 Answers
I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes.
Unknown Location
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Jonesboro, AR
I have insets and t90s that can be used with the animas. Several of both. The inserts are loose as that's how they are stored in my cabinet for space issues and I have like 3 boxes of the t90s.

Jonesboro, AR
I'm asking 30.00 a box for the t:90s and I have 26 of the insets I'm asking 60 for all those.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1994.
Lancaster, NY
I have lots of minimed Silhouette Infusion sets...? not sure if that would help... also lots of test strips!