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Has anyone heard about this latest drug therapy for T1D???

8 Answers
Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
The smart cells? I've read only a little. Sounds great! 1 shot a day and turns off/on when needs

Payson, AZ
Hve you ever heard of faustman labs?

San Jose, CA
I have a lot of hope that Dr. Faustman will someday be taken more seriously!

Payson, AZ
Meeee too reading her research is incredible

United Kingdom, GBR
Who dr Faustian

Miami, FL
How about the BioHub from the Diabetes Research Institute. They are starting clinical trials. Very promising for a biological cure

United Kingdom, GBR
What that

Danville, VA
It will be shot down. Just like most cures are, too many people are filthy rich from's called capitalism. I'd bet a million bucks it's a cure already out there.