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I have a hard time remembering to take my insulin and check my blood sugar. I have had type 1 since #### and no matter what I try and who yells at me I can't remember so what I need is some new ideas and support in my struggle to take care of myself. I don't need put downs or scolding I just need some help.

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Living with type 2 diabetes since 2011.
Jacksonville, FL
Do u care about ur self not to remembering

Siler City, NC
Carry your test kit in your hand everywhere you go

Cheektowaga, NY
I've been there**** I don't wanna sound wacky but honestly "meditation" might help. get up 5 minutes earlier each day. first thing wake up turn on the lights turn off any noise... test you blood sugar and remind yourself that life is hectic but that you want to take it slow and remember the important things. take all 5 minutes to relax and think about your goals. its sounds silly and can actually be easier said than done. are you on a schedule for your meals that you can set reminders in your phone or meter?

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
I have a system with my insulin in the morning I take my insulin and leave the shots by the bottles so that at night if my shots are still there I didn't take my insulin and in the morning I shouldn't have any shots were my insulin is

Pittsburgh, PA
Try the MySugr app--it helps you log everything and set reminders. Also if you use insulin pens Google Timesulin. It's a cap for your pen with a timer on it so you can see how long it has been since your last dose

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1984.
Schuylerville, NY
Do you have a pump? I wear the pod & always have my pdm with me. Lows & highs make me feel terrible so I always check. I'm a nurse & can't afford low sugar at work. I've been diabetic over 30 years

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Boston, MA
Stop saying,"I can't".

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Littleton, MA
How are you doing now?

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2005.
Harrison Charter Township, MI
Depending on what kind of phone you have, set alarms every hour reminding you to test. Make sure there is sound! This helps me bcuz I have the same problem. It's well worth it to remember. Good luck!!

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2009.
North Reading, MA
there's a device that replaces the cap on your insulin pen and tells you how long ago you took your insulin called "Timesulin" it helps me remember by letting me know how long it 's been since my last shot