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Does anyone happen to know the time frame before you can get a new pump? Is it two years? #diabetes

6 Answers
Pittsburgh, PA
I've only ever had Minimed pumps. Theirs are under warranty for 4 years and then you can apply for a new one. My insurance only covers a new one if the warranty is up. I believe 4 years is standard for all the pump companies but I'm not positive

Phoenix, AZ
The main US pumps (MiniMed/Medtronic, Animas, and OmniPod) all have 4 year warranties. You'd generally have to wait until 4 years for insurance coverage.

Tucson, AZ
I would call insurance company to verify. if something is wrong with pump they will just replace. but I think warranty is generally 4 yrs.

Tacoma, WA
Usually 4 but call to make sure.

Yuba City, CA
Mine is 2 years. It has more to do with insurance coverage than warranty.

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Union, MO
Do you have medtronic because medtronic insulin pump you get a new pump ever 4 year's