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Anyone of you guys got leg pain cause of diabetes

11 Answers
Victoria, TX
Yes, it happens.

Pinkenba, AUS
Yes I get pains a lot in my legs

Ashqelon, ISR
if i got hyper and fix it to fine blood sugar rate my mussles in my legs hurt like hell

Minooka, IL
I take meds for my leg pains !!

Coventry, GBR
Hi, yes I get bad leg pains and also my feet burn at night like red hot needles. I do take medication for this but it doesn't make much difference.

The Colony, TX
Yes unfortunately our circulation is not like everyone else's so we tend to have more pain in our whole body than normal people do

Barrow-in-Furness, GBR
I have leg pain and been told by pain doctor I got nerve damage in my back my feet and hands are always cold I am fed up it getting me down doctor said pain in my back jue to taking insuline

Frisco, TX
I often have these pains sometimes to the extreme I have found a cream at Walmart it's about $15 here but it helped me... It's from Magnilife and it's called diabetic neuropathy foot cream and it workd

Frisco, TX
This is Mike****sorry but also the tea-tree lotion from sports clips help as well

Huttig, AR
I do sometimes. Have the check you potassium levels. If it is low can cause leg pain and cramps,.