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Is there a group for type 2

22 Answers
Minneapolis, MN
I have type two diabetes I'm here

Katy, TX
I also And take metformin and nova log

Manchester, GBR
I'm type 2, taking Metformin and Glyclicide. Glic brought my BG count right down from 'High' on monitor to 6-8 now.

Birkenhead, GBR
Is there any diet to take or is just watch what you eat I am type2on metformin only found out 3weeks I have diabetes xx

Manchester, GBR
I was advised of a few things- regular meals, a portion of carbs with each meal, 5-a-day fruit and veg. Watch on food labels for sugars, should be less than 19% per day, drink plenty of fluid, and if you really crave chocolate, eat it after a meal, not as an extra snack - diabetic chocolate is a con!! Hope this helps. I was properly diagnosed 6 months ago, so went out and bought a couple of recipe books. They were also helpful in their info about diabetes. I hope this helps a little xx

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2002.
Alexandria, GBR
I'm also type 2

Katy, TX
I try to limit my carbs to under 200. Should be much lower after I go on high protein. I use vgo which carries 30 units of nova log per 24 hours. If I spike, I use spiders.

Katy, TX

Grandview, MO
Iam also type 2 have been for over10yrs now i also was wondering does anyone suffer with insomnia? I have so much trouble sleep sugars are under control . I take metformin, novo log and lantus plus a sleeping pill?

Charter Township of Clinton, MI
Im type 2 now have neruopathy