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Anyone in the Grass Valley-Roseville area have a DexCom Sensor I could have... I'll send one in return as soon as I get home!!! Thank you!!!

5 Answers
Living with type 1 diabetes.
La Crosse, WI
hope you find some help! Wish I was close. :/

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2013.
Lexington, MA
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Living with type 1 diabetes since 1990.
Highland, CA
You can restart for at least two or three weeks.... It would take a day or two to get it to you, but I have a spare

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1991.
Berlin Charter Twp, MI
yep, stop sensor, restart it, then wait thr 2 hour start up period and enter the 2 BG just like you would with a new sensor. i get 3-4 weeks each. im in Michigan though.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2004.
Los Gatos, CA
Hi all! I went on a road trip and forgot my sensors... I don't have one to restart... But! I found someone who I'm meeting today to get one! Thank you all for your help!! I feel loved :))