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We are going on our first vacation since diagnosis (6-21-13) and I'm nervous about food. I don't want to feed my daughter a bunch of take out and we will be staying in a Hotel. I'm freaked a about not having fresh veggies/etc for her. I try and feed her foods that don't need insulin but they mostly need to be refrigerated. Help!

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I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2013.
La Crosse, WI
My son****also diagnosed in June and we went on a already planned vacation that October. I****extremely nervous! Seeing you are staying in a hotel I would recommend bringing with items and keep them in your hotel fridge...or go to a grocery store near your hotel to have items on hand. Also bring extra ziploc bags along, because if you go out to eat and have say extra carrot sticks you can then take them with you. Download Calorie King on your phone or tablet. This is a good resource for carb counting. While it seems overwhelming now, try to relax and enjoy your vacation. By the end of your vacation you will wonder what you were so worried about.

Providence, RI
I doubly recommend Calorie King and My Fitness Pal to track any treats or meals out. Will you be flying? I only ask because you should carry a note from your provider. It's standard and just states that your child can fly with insulin, needles, or a pump. Another thing I like to do is research the local pharmacies. We use CVS, so it would be easy if we needed an emergency script called in. It helps if you already know which # you'd need to give in case of a situation like that. The final thing I keep in mind is that travel, exciting activities, change in routine, or weather can account for blood sugar issues. So check frequently! I'd call the hotel and see what they offer for fresh food. Many places also offer a grocery delivery service so you can stock up on things. ****is right! You'll be pros in no time. Try (ha!) to relax and enjoy!

Providence, RI
The GoMeals App is also a great resource for nutritional info on restaurants and takeout!

Marietta, OH
When we went on our first vacation this past summer to Seattle from ohio we drove out I packed a tote of food and took a cooler of food. I packed snack size bags of fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt and things that were low carb or free foods plus we only ate one meal out a day. I also packed a bag of extra supplies for her pump, shoots, and took syringe needles just to be safe. If on pump don't forget extra batts

I'm a dad supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2008.
Modesto, CA
calorie king app/book is great. no need to deprive her of carbs. just count and dose. make it fun! 7 years and counting, and trust me/us it gets easier!

with type 1 diabetes. with type 1 diabetes.
San Lorenzo, CA
I agree with**** Take care of the diabetes. but remember to have fun and relax, its a vacation. check often, stay hydrated, make healthy choices when you can. You're in this for the long haul. Have a great trip!