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I am going off my pump & am looking for a stylish smaller case to carry my pen(s) & needles in my purse instead of the ugly canvas ones. Anybody have suggestions/websites?

7 Answers
Bethalto, IL
Walmart has a " tampon" holder thingy in the same isle as tampons , and it's cute and cheap . Some zip around too

Hendersonville, TN
I'm using a makeup bag from Victorias Secret. They're super cute and come in different styles and colors. I keep glucose pills in there as well

Milford, CT
I use a Vera Bradley makeup purse. It is the perfect size for everything. They are also durable and have many different fabrics to choose from.

Pacific Pines, AUS
On there are a "shops" selling beautiful handmade diabetes supplies, perfect for pumps, BG kits, syringes, etc. I'll see if i can find links to a few for u. Otherwise search diabetes ;-)

Westerville, OH
Thank you for all the great ideas! I will definitely search into all of them.

you could also use a sturdy sunglasses case (Cosmopolitan tip, lol)

Manteca, CA
Small makeup bag