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So... I'm going to college in a few months... And I've been looking into a dexcom... Pros and cons? I want to know everything!!! Hahaha

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Austin, TX
No idea what dexcom is.

Santa Clara, CA
iv tried pumping with and without cgm and used the old medtronic sensor and the enlight and am on the dexcom g4 now and wouldn't have it any other way!! I'm very anal about my control and want to know where I am at all times so I went from checking almost 15 times a day to an average of 4 or 5 times a day. It's great with trends and letting you know your patterns. You technically only need to check twice a day for calibration. Insertion doesn't hurt and technically they say it's fda approved for a week but iv kept the same sensor for 3 weeks and know people who've pushed a month. The only "cons" I'd say (and I don't even consider them cons considering how great it is) the fact that you need to carry an extra device. Also when you are low and treat it, it takes a long time to show you that you are going back up. Some people after a few days find their sensor starts to peel off so they need to use skintac or tagederm to make it hold.. Research has shown a 10% difference in readings from meters but to me it's usually plus or minus an average no more than 10 points. lastly the two hour wait time after putting in new site before it gives readings. That's all I can think of now. I would go for it without thinking twice, it's a life changer! I don't know how I managed before it, my A1c dropped from 7.2 to 5.9!!

Bellevue, WA
Oh wow thats awesome I too have been thinking getting a dexcom. this makes me feel better about my choice

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Chicago, IL
I've had the Dexcom for over a year and can't imagine being without it! it's incredibly useful. I also keep sensors on about 3 weeks. I Idag Opsite Flex fix tape to keep it in place

Kuna, ID
Thanks. Where do u get skintac? Do u have to specially order it or what? I want to get some for my pods too