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We forgot our Lantus. Need 25 units before bed. :( I have novalog can I just correct with it?

2 Answers
I have before cobbled together a night on just humalog, it's lame and ugly, but along the lines of split lantus dose by half (so 25 to 12) divide by 4 (so 3) and Inject every 2-3 hours as long as that isn't more than approx double what the correction would be for a a given BG at the time.

If you just keep doing corrections youll have to repeat every hour or two and never get 'ahead' of the highs, so adding more means you will get longer between highs but also increases the chances of lows, hence make sure not to inject more than double what the regular correction would be. It's not awesome and likely won't give great results, but I've used it in a pinch. Proceed with great caution though!