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Has anyone been able to figure out how have their Medtronic Insulin Pumps broadcast over wifi utilizing cloud technology and be able to monitor the pump and sensor (like MySentry) via a smartphone?

4 Answers
I can't answer your question but am wondering if you use NightScout? They have a private FaceBook page called CGM in the Cloud, someone there might be able to help. Also Google NightScout diabetes. There slogan is "we are not waiting."

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1995.
DeKalb, IL
I just got the Dexcom G5 so I get this feature but had I known about nightscout I would definitely have used it with the G4

**** you might still look into NightScout with the G5, I don't use NightScout yet, you need a second phone to make it work and the Dexcom receiver gets hooked to that, too much for me but once they work with the G5, thete should be a way to use their software with the G5, most of them like it better than the Dexcom software. NightScout has an app for your phone, I think it's mybg

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2013.
Randolph, NH
I have heard in the 'CGM in the cloud' facebook group that they were either working on a way or had found a way to use it with Medtronic. I'd post there....but when/if you're able to, I'd definitely look into switching to Dexcom for CGM, it's far superior