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Does anyone else's family blame bad moods on a "high bloodsugar" ? My family always blames bad moods on high bloodsugars even if it's not high so annoying

Mesa, AZ
21 Answers
Los Angeles, CA
Alll theee timeeee! Idek what the correlation between bad moods and blood sugars is.

Payson, AZ
I know I'm slightly more moody when I'm elevated but it's like what I can't just be in a bad mood lol

Mission, TX
I'm always in a bad mood when my sugar is low lol

Payson, AZ
If I'm low I'm like a zombie lol

Miami Beach, FL
Always. It's usually when my sugar is high though. When I'm low, I can barely even function... 😁

Miami Beach, FL
Sugars affect your moods, and also the other way around. If I get upset, my sugar can skyrocket almost 200 points.

Columbus, OH
I can attest to the truth of this. Anytime that my sugars are elevated I am in a horrible mood. I can't help it it's just like a sign to others maybe for me to check my sugars. That is when my husband and daughter start making me check. This has been 14 yrs now

Fort Myers, FL
Yes I'm always in a bad mood because of my blood sugars being high

Littleton, CO
My boyfriend is in a bad mood when his BG is high.

Minneapolis, MN
It is true what's wings with high blood sugar