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Can anyone explain to me why lantus shots sting and ache after injections? I have read that if it is cold it will sting and it may be the injection site but it feels the same in all the spots

5 Answers
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Martinez, GA
Insulin is carried in alcohol, that causes the stinging.

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Winter Springs, FL
Lantus is more acidic than other insulin. when I was taking it, my doctor told me that it could sting more.

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Hernando, MS
Also after you clean site with alcohol make sure you allow it to dry prior to injecting

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Unknown Location
you could ask doctor if you could try Levemir instead of Lantus. It is less acidic and tends to sting less for many people

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Manville, NJ
is it a sting or burning feeling? of you inject any insulin to fast it can hurt bad no matter where you inject it at.