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I've been experiencing some extreme lows. So low we've had to call 911 a couple times. And thank god for my girl being there. Now, this has started to affect our relationship. She's afraid of it and is extremely stressed about me. To the point of leaving now. :( Anyone dealt with this before?

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New Port Richey, FL
All the time with my son it sounds like 1 you might not be eating a protein snack my son has had two glucose seziour a and it is scary and very stressful! She probably not getting enough sleep because she is scared!

Brooksville, FL
Have you lowered your insulin doses? That might help significantly especially if you are taking multiple insulins

Biscoe, NC
My husband was ready to leave me a few times. You have to have better control to help this situation, I was finally able to get my am dosages right so I stopped with the drastic lows. But also, have a realistic conversation with her about her commitment to you. You can take care of yourself , but you can't get rid of diabetes. She needs to decide what she is capable of dealing with. Ultimately my husband said he loved me too much to give up on me because of something I cannot help having, but I had to do my part in keeping my numbers and body under the best possible control. And teach her how to help you with your lows (if you can) and show her a glucagon kit and how to use it! That way in emergencies, maybe 911 won't have to be called, hang in there :)

Dodge City, KS
No offense but i think that is heartless an rude to leave someone because of their disease they can't control!! Marriage is together through sickness and health right?

West Seneca, NY
Yes I've had a couple girls leave because of this.

Palmdale, CA
Diabetes is a****effort. You, your family, and your doctor. Talk to your doctor first to adjust mess, then your family.

Littleton, CO
Does your girl know how to recognize the lows? I can tell when my boyfriend is low (of course it's when he's at about 40). She needs to understand those signs and how to use a tester/insulin/glucagon. Keep corn syrup handy in case you are less responsive and can't chew something with sugar. Help her have a little control and she won't be so scared.

New Hyde Park, NY
You have to always check your blood sugar and keep orange juice in the house it helps. I went as low as 43 one day knew the signs and grab the juice.

Edgewater, FL
Hi my name is****and just now my sugar was 37 and I tell you it is scary and I am sorry your doesn't understand she needs to get educated

Ingleburn, AUS
Hi**** my name is**** Type 1 diabetic for 17 years from Australia. I think it's great people are giving advice on the GF situation but what really scares me is your going so low that 911 had to be called. I think this is where you need to focus. If you don't start looking after yourself your girlfriend will be the least of your troubles. Sorry to be so blunt, but we live with a serious disease and need to get serious about it. My questions are; what insulin and units are you on? What are your sugars like before bed? Is there a specific time in the night this happens? What was your last hba1c result? I myself have been lucky to have survived two very near fatal lows whilst asleep. I was just lucky my husband was next to me. The first time was entirely my fault, played a game of laser tag on a hill, went to a party, ate little, drank to much. During the night my husband noticed I was very sweaty, tried to wake me and I didn't respond. He then realised what was going and started shoving lollies in my mouth. I slowly started to come to after 1/2 an hour, where I was trying to speak to him but couldn't remember how. Then after an hour I was finally coherent enough to do my blood sugars and they were around 1 which I think converts 18 by US standards, so you could imagine how low I was before. It's so scary to realise if I was alone I would have died and that is quite a wake up call. I hope we can work together to make sure you don't go so low again :)