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Anyone experienced stiff, swollen, and painful joints? I woke up on Sunday with swollen hands and fingers. My ankles are always sore and very painful.

6 Answers
Greeley, CO
It might be neuropathy

I don't think those are common side effects of diabetes I would definitely speak with a GP if this is an ongoing issue.

Stanmore, GBR
I recently keep waking up with swollen hands and joints. I've been sent to a clinic to be checked for carpal tunnel syndrome I recommend you google it helped me a lot

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
My hands are sometimes stiff and swollen when I wake and my ankles also swell. I suffer from the beginning stage of kidney problems and I think it's related

Tamaqua, PA
Sounds like your body is retaining fluid. See your PCP and maybe he or she might give you a water pill!

Annapolis, MD
All the time.....