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Does anyone experience extreme gas or heartburn randomly??

Frisco, TX
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Wallan, AUS
Have you been checked by your Endo for Celiacs??? I'm a type 1 and a Celiac....both autoimmune related...worth a shot!!

Santa Monica, CA
yes i do

Sackville, AUS

Sheridan, IL

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2013.
Wick, GBR
Frequently and in public too :(

Middletown, PA
I have acid reflux & ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed by a GI doctor. There's a condition called gastro paresis that's associated with being**** You should mention it to your endo.

Monongahela, PA

Prescott Valley, AZ
LOL. Not randomly... I have acid reflux, and my gallbladder was removed :/ Explanation for both frequently!

Dinas Powys, GBR
Yes I do

Hudson, NH
Me too