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has anyone tried eating the small banquet TV dinners and had any luck lowering their sugar and using insulin

5 Answers
Norwalk, IA
like anything, ofc you take the right amount of insulin for the carbs you should be stable but why would you use the meal itself to lower carbs. You are still eating them? TV dinners are not the best meal choice anyway.

Peoria, AZ
TV dinners are full of sodium and preservatives. It's not a good idea to eat them on a regular basis. Try eating some steamed veggies with some kind of protein instead. That doesn't really take much

Peoria, AZ
Longer than a TV dinner and you can steam the veggies in the micro too!

Staten Island, NY
I would completely avoid processed foods that way if you do eat them you can better judge their specific affect on your sugar

Columbia, SC
You need to count carbs. Do you have a pump?