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anyone know of easter eggs, sugar free, whatever, that you can buy for people with diabetes? Does cadburys do a sugar free egg?

35 Answers
Grosse Pointe, MI
People with diabetes can have the regular just make sure to take insulin

Oxford, MS
You can get sugar free Easter candies at walgreens

Oxford, MS
I do every year.

Bognor Regis, GBR
Thorntons do sugar free Easter eggs!

Pittsburgh, PA
Do not buy sugar free chocolate. It causes stomach issues for many people. You're better off eating the real stuff in moderation

Las Vegas, NV
And "sugar free" stuff ends up having just about the same amount of carbs with all the sugar alcohol & stuff .

Livonia, MI
I have found that sugar free candy and foods are have higher carbs and calories :(

Plainfield, IN
Try Russell sugar free candies.

Garwood, NJ
We just give small gift cards. Our Endo steered us from eating sugar free candy. She said it's better to just have a small normal candy. Sugar free an cause cramping, stomach pains and diarrhea if even one too many is ingested. We dealt with it in the beginning.

Logan Central, AUS
Dara lee make a sugar free chocolate bar, so they may do an Easter egg ?? But you cannot eat too much as it gives you diarrhea. Normal eggs are good just in moderation, and have insulin