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Does anyone else get really dry skin? I'm type 2 for 2 years and on Actos and novo log pen. Nothing seems to help my skin...any suggestions?

16 Answers
Williston, ND
I think gold bond lotion the best for dry skin they have some made just for diabetics too:)

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
Try some coconut oil

Juno Beach, FL
Thanks ladies :)

Sandgate, GBR
My skin was dry for years before I knew I was diabetic now my sugars are lower , no dry skin.

Cerritos, CA
Has anyone tried victoza ?

Youngstown, OH
It's expensive but I found that Prada Candy (lotion) works best for me. I have never used a lotion that makes my dry skin so soft in such a short amount of time. The bottle is supposed to last a year. It's around $60.

Orange Park, FL
Hi****! Im on victoza and I'm very thankful for it!! a1C is coming down nicely, blood sugars are looking better!! Very happy!!

Minneapolis, MN
Coconut oil

Lithonia, GA
Coconut oil is very good

New Hyde Park, NY
I have also heard coconut oil but yet to try my skin is so dry I hate it