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Is it ok to drink diluted juice or is it better to just drink plain water?

Scotland, UK
9 Answers
Gravel Switch, KY
I like to drink diluted juice, but it depends on how much dilution is used. I'd go as far as you can tolerate, that way you get the flavor as well as the benefit of water.

Cambridge, GBR
You can't drink whatever you want

Cambridge, GBR

United Kingdom, GBR
Juice is alright if its sugar free but better with water

Cambridge, GBR
Even if it not sugar free you'll be fine just cause your diabetic don't mean you gotta have everything sugar free

Dallas, TX
Orange juice will run your blood sugar up

Brisbane, AUS
Water water and more water. Zero calories and available out of your tap

Living with type 2 diabetes since 1998.I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 1992.
Memphis, TN
There are a lot of instant additives for bottled water that taste very good which are sugar free too. Personally I like the Arizona iced tea with lemon.

Williston, ND
I allow myself 1 cup of juice a day the cranberry 100 percent kind , I'll fill glass totally full of ice give me the feeling I'm getting a whole glass , I drink slow ice melts and I get watered down juice but a whole glass it's enough to satisfy me:)