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The doc put me on metaformin liquid and simavastin liquid wen I asked her if I cud b put on insilin she was hesitating to do tht and she said tht I didn't need to check my sugar levels wen I've bn told I shud hve thm and I'm diabetic type2 and I've got other things wron g with me aswell

2 Answers
Woodstock, CAN
That's a good thing. Insulin should be a last resort. If your type 2 there is a chance it can be reversed. Exercise and healthy eating are two examples. You should look into ways to improve your health rather then use medication/ insulin. My son is type 1, it's caused by auto immune. It is totally different from type 2 which is caused from the way you eat, exercise and body fat. Please, again....try your hardest to get healthy! You can do this!!!

La Porte, TX
I take metformin pills an I was taking victoza I lost 38lbs in 8 months now all need is the metformin pills!!