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#DOC: Anyone in need of a barely used #DexcomG4, let me know. I've switched to a Medtronic pump and am no longer using my Dex! #T1D

11 Answers
Epsom, GBR
Yeah :)

Okeechobee, FL
Yes are you selling it? How much. ****@*****.***

Seissan, FRA
What's a dexcomg4? And what's a Medtronic pump?

Okeechobee, FL
Are you still looking for someone for your Dexcom? I just need the transmitter. Attaches to the body

Columbia, SC
I love my Medtronic insulin pump! What is the Dexcom?

Dodge City, KS
A Dexcom is a continuous glucose monitor and it's a LIFE SAVER! Literally! I love it! Almost always accurate and helps me keep better control my my disease!

Living with type 2 diabetes.
Charter Twp of Clinton, MI
im from kzoo originally

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2014.
Carrickfergus, GBR
still looking to sell ?

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Bellevue, MI
I could really use this

I would still use the Dexcom with the Medtronic pump. I had so many issues with the Enlite sensor. I have had only one issue with Dexcom in four months of use.