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I just discovered this app and it's really cool. Question for everyone- a while back I tried out the dexcom cgm and loved it until I found out the cost. Is it worth the price tag?

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Tel Aviv, ISR
Welcome**** :)

do you have insurance?

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Randolph, NH
Hi**** welcome! I LOVE my Dexcom and find it super beneficial, if you can afford it without going broke, YES, it's absolutely worth the price tag in my opinion

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Unknown Location
if you can lower your A1C, it is worth it! :)

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Walker, LA
my son lowered his A1C from 7.5 to 6.7 after only 3 months of using the dexcom. we go next week for his 6 month check. lowest A1C in the 8 years since diagnosis

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Toronto, CAN
Elaine I have insurance but it sucks. I'm gonna try and figure out a way to get it because it really is awesome- thanks for the feedback and welcome!!:)

I feel the same way as you**** Trying to find a way to get it covered :s

Columbus, OH
How much does it cost? I have a 15 year old son who's type 1 and we are looking into a pump for him .

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Halton Hills, CAN
I'm the same as you**** I have 80% coverage but the ongoing costs scare me

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Niagara-on-the-Lake, CAN
You can get a letter of medical necessity from your endo and submit to your insurance company. It might help get some coverage.