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Did anyone else get diagnosed with "LADA" ?? (Slow onset type 1 diabetes) some people call it type 1.5 but to me that's just stupid once your pancreas is dead it's dead!!

11 Answers
Cincinnati, OH
What is LADA

Maryborough, AUS
It's where you pancreas slowly stops working

Milford, CT
Yes. I have just been diagnosed with LADA about three months ago. I am 31 and am still in the honeymoon period.

Maryborough, AUS
I had my honey moon stage when I was pregnant with my first son it lasted a week :/

Virginia Beach, VA
Yes I was diagnosed with it at the age of 39. Thought it was Type 2 at first but after exercising and losing weight (180lbs to 160lbs) my blood sugar was out of control. Never heard of it until then.

Milford, CT
I had gestational diabetes. That's all the doctors thought it was. After my daughter was born I started having symptoms. They tested me for the autoimmune antibodies and it was positive. My a1c was...

Milford, CT
Also a 9.9.

Ledyard, CT
As far as "LADA" is concerned, there are a ton of people misdiagnosed as type 2 & it's pretty sad~!! A lot of Endos are still under the assumption that you're a "type 1 or a type 2"****.

Harlow, GBR
I was diagnosed as type 2 about 14 years ago. Did all of the right things but still bad control. After about a year was told I am type 1.5.

Prescott Valley, AZ
Not myself, as I was dxd T1 at age 2. But a (now) close friend of mine who is 33 has 1.5! She also just had her 3rd daughter yesterday(: