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I'm 21 I've been diabetic for 13 years, type 1 to be exact but it's hard not having others around same age or area to kinda talk to or go places with that diabetic friend so if anyone's around Boston area and want a new diabetic buddy 🙋 I'm here lol

3 Answers
Utica, KY
I'm 20, from KY, and have been type I diabetic for ten years now. I'm here if you need me (:

Oelwein, IA
Just a word of encouragement: God BLESS you in your search... From t2 diabetic

Amelia Court House, VA
Hi my little boy has type 1 diabetes he was told on jan 20 of this year we are still learning day by day but if u need a buddy I'm all ears id love to hear anything I should no :) my son Joshua is 2 years old now he was 1 when we found out but I hope one day there will be a cure god bless u