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so I've been****for 2 years now.. I still am having a had time remembering to check my sugar. what helps yall remember. .. I know it's bad

Mandeville, LA
13 Answers
Basildon, GBR
I always check before I eat usually helps

Juana Díaz, PRI
Agree with****Make it part of your rutine!

Florence, ITA
I always leave my glucometer on the dinning table, so I just cannot ignore it (:

Mandeville, LA
Thanks so much! I check it in the morning then when it comes to b4 dinner and stuff I forgot sometime

Payson, AZ
My pump beeps at me and reminds me lol it's a life saver well my machine beeps at me not my actual pump lol

Plainfield, IN
I have put reminders on my phone. :)

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
Some pumps have reminders on them. I'm always forgetting or getting distracted. I'm getting a pump soon. I hope it is a reminder

Sandy Creek, NY
I put alarms on my phone and have them go off ever few hrs I forget to eat too so it helps

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2010.
United Kingdom, GBR
I have the Insluin pump and of I set it to reminder it reminds me every 2 hours to check my bloods it's a really good thing to have you will never forget to check your bloods

The Colony, TX
All great advice. You might look into a Dexcom G4 platinum. It's a continuos glucose monitor. It has alarms and tells you when you are to high or to low. It also gives you a reading on the scream 24/7