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My name is****and I've been diabetic for seven years! I just moved to Arizona! I currently use the dexcom continuous glucose monitor! I really like this app!! Happy blood sugars all****!

9 Answers
CEO @ helparound
Durham, NC
Thanks for the compliment****and welcome :)

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2009.
Acton, CA

Austin, TX
Keep us updated on the Dexcom , thinking of getting one for our daughter .

Mesa, AZ
I love the new one! It helps so much it's just not the most comfortable thing

Austin, TX
Thanks Conner , that's good to know 😊

Leander, TX
I don't like it! It's too heavy and uncomfortable it gets caught on things and pulled out and it's not very accurate. Mine was waking me up multiple times a night saying my sugar was below 65 but when I checked it with 2 different meters it wasn't below 65 it was in the 70's

Bognor Regis, GBR
I'd really like one of these but I'm England and I don't think we have them yet?

Tempe, AZ
Hey I am brand new to the app and also live in AZ and I just got the new dexcom about two months ago!

Mesa, AZ
Nice how do you like it