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I've been a diabetic a year and I've been on pens now the hospital want to change me to a pump. Does it hurt because I'm really scared should I be

37 Answers
Seissan, FRA
How old are you and what were your readings I've never been offered a pump and I've been type 1 for 7/8 years now and still struggling to control

Hardwicke, GBR
Look up diabetic Danica on Facebook - she's really positive about pumps.

Melton Mowbray, GBR
Wish I was offered a pump been diabetic three years next month they said I wasn't allowed one because I carnt control :(

Newcastle upon Tyne, GBR
I've been diabetic 16yrs had bad control for a few yrs I went on a week long dafne course and learnt how to control with Carb counting now just waiting on them to see if I am getting my pump I would highly recommended dafne a big eye opener on diabetes 😃😃

Hartlepool, GBR
I have been diabetic for three years and since been diagnosed i have struggled constantly to control my sugars now the doctors are referring me to the hospital to see a specialist and hopefully they wont put me on injections cos i really do hate needles, takes me all the time in the world to prick my finger to check my sugars i try my best to cut everything with in sugar out

Newcastle upon Tyne, GBR
hope they can help u out****if you struggle with injections they will help sort you out 😄

London, GBR
I've been diabetic for 11 years next month... & for the first 5 years my control was very bad, I was on a downward spiral heading for bad complications or even death... The Insulin pump was my last hope & as I was developing a serious phobia of needles that would stop me from injecting they agreed to fund me for it. Another 5/6yrs on I'm in a much better place... Its defo less scary than injecting as you only have to change the needle once after every three days, the only thing you might want to consider is having something attached to your body 24/7.. But to be honest u kinda forget about it after a while & it just becomes a part of you. I actually feel more free on an insulin pump, & I highly recommend it for any diabetic out there struggling with injections. :)

Thornliebank, GBR
I'm 34 now and have been diabetic for 24 years. Only recently have I considered and been recommended for a pump. Like you****I also did the dafne course, which has been a massive help when it comes to correcting high sugars and how much your levels raise with only a small amount of lucozade or chocolate. I'm only being referred to have the pump because of the 'dawn phenomenon' ( doing everything correctly, carb counting, dose adjustment and what not) and still waking up with really hight sugar levels. I'm really up for the pump as I know I'll be able to programme it to release insulin through the night when I'd normally be sleeping . One question about the pump though. What happens during sport or swimming, what is the maximum time you can have it unattached?

Newcastle upon Tyne, GBR
hi there I think it depends on insulin pump but I understand it's a few hours but think with pump it's a case of adjusting to levels of activity 😄

Thornliebank, GBR
**** the last word I read of your reply was adjusting? Don't know why I can't see your full reply? I take it you mean, test your sugars again once you refit it and take a corrective dose to sort it?