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I'm a diabetic type to been taken meta-foreman 500 mg does this make anyone else have bowel loose stools and possibly not able to control it

12 Answers
Frisco, TX
I just started with it , but I've had no problems with it..

Santa Clara, CA
No same thing happened to me with metformin

Santa Clara, CA
Loose stool

Gulf Breeze, FL
I've been on it for quit sometime and haven't had that problem at all. Check and find out if it's one of the side effects.

Bristol, GBR
Just came off matformin ,bad stomach all the time,on injection now

Spokane, WA
Thanks for the in put

Longville, LA
I heard that metforman can cause loose bowels

Easley, SC
Metformin does have a side affect of loose stool but after awhile it should go away and your boy will taylor to it.

Arvada, CO
It took me about a week to get used to metformin.

Richmondale, PA
Over #### mg will give it too you every time