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I'm diabetic type 2 what kind of pasta can I eat cuz I love pasta and ik its bad

13 Answers
Irving, TX
Eat it in smaller portions (half what you'd rather have) and try a brand like Dreamfields that spikes you less.

Sandgate, GBR
Make sure you eat it with fats, it takes longer to digest then

Mission, TX
thank you

Dover, GBR
eat wholemeal pasta its better for you

Dover, GBR
you are welcome xx

Hardwicke, GBR
Whole meal pasta - better for you - not quite as nice but a better alternative :) same goes for bread

High Wycombe, GBR
I eat noodles it feels the need for me x

Dover, GBR
yea i dont eat white anything white is bad for you brown is good

Dover, GBR
i eat noodles but not tomany

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
You can eat any pasta you just have to sizes