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I have had diabetes for 25years! I'll be doing a roadtrip across contry. anyone has done something like this? how does your BG gets well manage with all the fast foods? coz even Salads gets my bg high

Lake City, FL
3 Answers
Gainesville, FL
you can grab a cooler and keep healthy snacks with you instead of eating fast food the whole time. i love road trips and the lack of movement already raises my BG

Pre-diabetic since 2017.
Tyler, TX
I just went from Texas to Canada flying with a then 15 month old now 21 months... I wasn't pre-diabetic then or at least I didn't know it at that time.. but being solo with a baby I packed lots of ziplock bags with snacks for her you can do the same for yourself

Living with type 2 diabetes.
Lansing, MI
Have done it a couple times. 1st time did have a "snack" bag in car with stuff I know I do ok on - 2nd time I forgot to do that, and wish I had. Doing fast food thing wasn't fun