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Hi I've had t1 diabetes for 12 years, my mother was also diabetic and passed of complications at the age of 43. I'm 30 now with a daughter of my own and I see myself making the same poor diet choices as her but can't stop myself from making the same mistakes are any of you the same?

5 Answers
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
I am but I just keep fighting and trying my best

Apple Valley, CA
I know what you are saying my hole family on my parents have diabetes .so I can't get away from it

Fulton, MI
Me too

Fulton, MI
Its hard

Pittsburgh, PA
My mom has had t1 for almost 50 years and me almost 30 years. We are both lucky to still be complication free--and no we haven't had perfect control all that time (or ever...). Hang in there just don't give up