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Diabetes question.. Does anyone bolus for grapefruit? Been told not to but I disagree! #gbdoc #type1 @theGBDOC

Silecroft, Cumbria
3 Answers
Oxnard, CA
Yes! Anything with carbohydrates in it.

Keller, TX
The short answer: no and yes. Long answer: Everyone is a little different. For example, my metabolism is pretty fast, and if I bolused for something with such a quick spike in blood glucose, I'd crash shortly after the insulin kicks in. However, if I'm eating a grapefruit and anything with fat in it, say a cheese omelet, then I would bolus for the carbs in the grapefruit. The reason for this is fat delays the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. Hope this helps! :)

Okeechobee, FL
Definitely bolus. It's a fruit with fructose. No way to avoid the raise in bs