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Sometimes diabetes just gets me so down :( help?

21 Answers
Schenectady, NY
It is a downer sometimes . It's extra work than a normal person but it's who we are keep your head up :)

Crestview, FL
It does suck! I've been a type 1 now for 29 years. Funks are normal, and sometimes, no matter what you do, the highs and lows come. Having a good support system always helps me :)

Winchester, VA
Not sure how long u have had it or ur age but I know what u mean, I have a 11 yo daughter that has had it for 4 years and I see how it affects her. The disease itself affects not only you but those around you. If you are married ask your spouse to give u a free day and let them deal with it for you. It works for our 11yo.

Leesburg, VA
That's really good advice. I bet he would actually enjoy playing with all my stuff for a day :) thanks!

Pisa, ITA
My daughter, age 9 is a t1d....exercise & getting the endorphins going perks her up. She's not been athletic but joined ski club....has found her sport! Maybe try a walk, run or spin class? Hang in there....glad you reached out!

Flower Mound, TX
**** T1 since '85 here. Have you ever gone to the website ? Many people from all over posted videos...helps me out. I've had good days, bad days, and even worse days... Kim V on there really helped me out. DOC is great.

Reading, PA
I know how you feel. I get like that at times. but my DOC fire D's cheer me up. they wouldn't be my friends if I wasn't T1 after all. I try to think of the positives I got out of diabetes. opportunity I have had. like my BFF in england who is also T1.

Newport News, VA
Hi everyone..., I'm new to this site | my name is****and I live in Newport News, VA. diagnosed at the beginning of December of ####...

Erick, OK
Hello everyone I'm new to the site. My name is****and I live in Erick Oklahoma. Diagnosed in may of ####

Fort Myers, FL
I feel you I always feel like that too