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#diabetes expo #### in Denver co 6 hr trip one way for me. Is it worth the trip? Has anyone gone before? Type 1 since 6-21-13!

4 Answers
Cicero, IL
I went to the one in Chicago and was not impressed. Seemed to be more type 2 based.

Providence, RI
I went to the one in Boston this past year and will be going again this year. Ours is put on by the JDRF and was very T1 focused! I was impressed with all the information (my 5 year old has T1D) and I got to attend some classes on handling sick days and one for caregivers. It was also cool to get samples and info from the T1D companies. I'd check your local chapter of JDRF to see if they offer one in your area.

Orlando, FL
Also consider attending CWD Friends for Life in Orlando. Both children and adult focused.

Pueblo, CO
When is the conference? Do u have a web site?