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Dexcom sensors and transmitter for sale. I have 1 full box (4 sensors) of G4 Platinum/G5 Mobile sensors, 1 partial box (3 sensors), both expire 8/15/17. I also have 1 almost now transmitter (G5 Mobile). It was paired on 6/29/17 and only used for 1 week. If interested please pm me.

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Price for G5 transmitter ?

Norfolk, VA
Don't buy from this lady she uses her buy sell trade group on Facebook to get items from people and sell them.

I'm a mom supporting a child with type 1 diabetes since 2013. supporting a spouse with type 1 diabetes since 1983.
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Excuse me? I'm not even a part of a FB group. I think you have me mistaken for somebody else. I'm not exactly sure who you are as we have never even spoken, and I take great offense to the fact that you are speaking about me in anyway, as if you actually knew anything about me.