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Anyone who is in need of some Dexcom G5 sensors, I have 3 boxes ex 11-17. I'm asking 400 for all 3 plus 15 shipping. I do not have PayPal the buyer will need to have a bit of trust. Buyer can send me 100 and I will send you 2 boxes usps priority mail. Once the sensors arrive buyer can send me the rest of the money and I will ship the third box. If things go smoothly I have a standing order with Dexcom every 3 months I get 3 boxes. I would love to find a trustworthy person to do this transaction. I also have other supplies that in may be able to help you out with. I can supply phone number, Facebook, and video chat while i drop package off at post office.

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Living with type 1 diabetes since 1989.
Bellevue, WA