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Hi, I'm trying to decide on the best pump for my 2 year old son. I'm looking at the new Medtronic with CGM, the Amimas ping and the Omnipod.

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Grosse Pointe, MI
I think Medtronic is best because the cgm will definitely give you a piece of mind you can get a special monitor that you can place in your room so that during the night you can see his numbers and it alarms when he is trending low or high and it just came out with the enlite sensor that is smaller and doesn't hurt as much to put it I love it and the cgm saved my life multiple time and my a1c had improved tremendously while I was on it

Meridian, MS
We have the animas and we love it. Also you can get the Dexcom cgm to help keep up with ur child's bg. My daughter loves her pump. She feels so much better then doing 4-5 shots a day. Plus you're you can bolus any time for a snack or a drink that needs to be counted. Love the pump.

Auburn, KS
I have an animas pump and used to have the dexcom cgm until they updated their product and I can't afford a new one. I haven't tried the Medtronic but I have had some problems with mine.

Vancouver, WA
I chose Medtronic for my son. They have a CGM that goes with the pump. Love the care link upload site to see graphs and history. I went ahead and ordered the CGM at the same time as the pump because they are both durable medical devices and by the time I used our deductible on the pump the CGM was free. We haven't had to use the CGM yet but I've heard they work great together. And like another person said they have wonderful monitors that you can have in your room to see what his numbers are doing while he sleeps. Medtronics is a big company and continually improves their products. That was another reason why we went with them.

Cartersville, GA
I'm on the Medtronic 530G w Enlite and love the system. The pump, CGM, and meter all communicate making it easier to deal with. If you've never dealt w a CGM beware there is a huge learning curve w it. But soooooo worth it. My CGM has saved me many times. It's very accurate in my case as well. It's usually 2-3 pt's apart from my meter.

Kirkland, WA
My son has animas and I know Medtronic newer technology that makes it better. But when we choose my son's pump he was 4 and what rally made me go for animas were two things: 1- water approved : ocean p

Kirkland, WA
1- water resistant : ocean, pool, bathtubs for up to one hour 2- wireless meter : specialy for a toddler, most likely he won't let you touch the pump and it has been very handy specially now he goe

Kirkland, WA
Goes to school or when we are in the car and he wants to it or drink some more.

Gillsville, GA
I use Animas Ping. Love the remote meter and water resistance. Very durable (I drop a lot). Pump/CGMS combo is in approval process at FDA. Should be available soon.

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Saco, ME
The animas also as the vibe that is built in. But you may prefer going to Dexcom, I know that I am on the animas ping and I am also on the Dexcom G4 share with the Dexcom G4 share or the Dexcom G5 would may want to get an apple device this would help him to have a share 2 icon on the apple device and you can be a follower as well when he is low or high it may be a lot of work ! If you need to talk to me you can please call 207.730.#### thanks hope I can help!