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The other day I was in the shower and notice my insulin site was full of blood instead of insulin, why is this?

6 Answers
Roanoke, VA
Happens to me a lot too idk why

Niles, MI
I think it's because sometimes when you inject a site it bursts a small blood vessel. It's happened to me a few times before too. No need to worry :)

Regina, CAN
Yeah, just make sure to keep a good eye on the injection site. Happy travels everyone! :)

Upper Sandusky, OH
It's has happened to me many times sure isn't fun.

Prescott Valley, AZ
Thanks everyone! Yeah it's definitely odd haha

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Staunton, VA
Here's an explanation I got from a friend: "Hot water (heat) increases circulation of the blood, and can result in release of blood from a tiny blood vessel if it is near your site. No worries"