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My daughter has her endo appt today and her carb ratio is 1:3. Endo says that's pretty insulin resistant. After teenage years will she need less insulin or will she always have this ratio?

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it changes throughout our lives based on numerous things. the type/brand of insulin can even be a factor. As an example, for me, i use the least amount of insulin with Apidra, A little bit more (about 25% more) with Novolog, but have a very high resistance to Humalog. Temerature, time of year, time of month (for women), diet, level of regular physical activity, etc. ALL play a part in our sensitivity to insulin.

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I used the most insulin when I was a teenager. I used to use for example 33 units of Lantus as my basal, now at 27 I only use 20 units. Once she's out of puberty her insulin use will def change

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I was hoping for that. Thank you for the reply